Tuesday, August 9, 2011

just Love

a few weeks ago, i was asked to accompany a very nice man to his appointment with some oncologists, to see if there was anything else to do for his cancer. i was happy to go along. He was very nervous, understandably. So i turned up my calming powers, as i sat on his lap in the examination room. i gave him my calming energy and prayers, while i let him rub my head. He and my Mom talked a while, about life and his reflections-- which is when i noticed that he started to leak water from his eyes. i felt sad with him, because he was sad--my Mom says that's called empathy.  So  as they were talking, i stood up on my hind legs  and i put my hands on his chest and looked deeply into his eyes-- to tell him that i was sharing in his pain, and to tell him that i love him and want him to feel better. that's when he held me under my arms and looked back at me, and he smiled big and warm. He got my message. And he cried more, and then he laughed. So did my Mom. i think they were surprised that i understood the situation so well.    thankfully, that little message from me turned the feelings around for this nice man, and he felt happier again, and he started to talk about how he wanted to be as loving a Being as i am. he decided he will finally go to visit his family that he's been apart from for 30 years, because life is short. and it is unpredictable. and it is so precious. he's right about all that.      He said he thought there's something "divine" about my spirit. he thinks it's the love that i express, and just at the right time, which is pretty much all the time. it's true-- i am a loving creature. i was made that way. it's easy really, you just give love out and you always get love back.     i guess humans have more complicated "issues" that can make that hard. but as for us dogs, we don't have "issues".     just Love.