Saturday, October 8, 2016

Shamzi for President

          Hi, everyone.  I’m Shamzi.  (“Hi, Shamzi!”)  And I’m running for President.   
Why should you vote for me?   

      Number one: 
I’m cute.  I promise—no, I guarantee--to bring you cuteness each and every day of my presidency.  Instead of kissing babies, I will smell like one.  A clean, fresh baby that will smell so good, you will be tempted to eat me like a cinnamon cone.  I will carry on the proud tradition of presidential fashion, with an adorable outfit for every occasion.  

          Number two: 
I will be accessible to the people.  I will not be surrounded by Secret Service and entourage who keep me away from you.  I will gladly walk among you, my people, and sniff you.  I will convert the presidential limousines to Shamzi-mobiles, so that everyone can see me and I can see them.   

Only my mother is allowed to carry me and ride in the Shamzi-mobile though, as she is my presidential advisor and we caucus about vital matters of state.  Plus, she is my mama and she takes care of me.  Even the president of the United States needs his nap time and snack time.  If you want anything, just tell the presidential mother and she will make it happen.

          Number three: 
I will use the tools at my disposal to help others.  I will pilot Air Force One to swoop down and rescue stray, neglected, or abused animals, birds, fish, and reptiles and find good homes for them.   They will be fed, they will be housed, and they will ALL be loved.  I will turn the White House into a Sanctuary for the furry, the feathered, the hoofed, the finned, and the webbed. 
       Number four:   I will travel all over the world to spread love and compassion. 
No more fighting, no more hate!  Cupcakes with colorful sprinkles for everyone!  We can make a difference.  We have to start somewhere.
          A vote for Shamzi is a vote for compassion and cuteness! 
          (“Shamzi, Shamzi, Shamzi!”)